Collection: Shag Rugs

Our Cozy High-Pile Rugs

With a high pile rug you decide for comfort and warmth. The particularly long carpet fibers give the rugs their characteristic appearance and stand for a particularly valuable appearance with comfort properties. A fluffy rug will give any room in which it lies something cozy. Especially for the bedroom or the living room such an effect is desirable. We like to run around barefoot in these feel-good rooms or lie down to play with children or pets directly on the rug.

The different pile heights of the high pile rugs range from 30 to 65 mm. The higher the fibers, the higher the weight of the rug and its cuddliness. The more fibers processed, the denser the fibers are tufted or woven. This mainly affects the ability to straighten the individual carpet fibers

Where no Shag rug should be missing.

High pile rugs can be found mainly in living areas. The dense pile makes them particularly durable and they are the most beautiful option for a better living feeling. The different processing forms and colors make every shag rug look individual. The particularly high pile shows in fiber lengths of over 30 mm.

In the living room, it is much better to sit around the coffee table when the warm Shag rug attracts with coziness. But also, in kids’ rooms or play corners a high pile rug is gratefully accepted by the kids. It simply plays better when you can cuddle on the rug at the same time. The high and dense pile stands for calm and balance in the children's room.

Our Shag rugs are also perfect for the bedroom. Because getting up in the morning is much easier when your feet are on a comfortable high-pile rug instead on the cold floor. Our rugs are also available as a runner or bed surrounding. Unfortunately, we can't take away the morning agony of getting out of bed - but we can make it easier! And that with skin-friendly and warming high pile rugs in excellent premium quality.