Collection: Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs for any Weather

The warm season has arrived! For many people, this means spending as much free time as possible outside. With the hot temperatures however, you do not necessarily want to go to crowded parks and prefer to spend your free time on the balcony or terrace at home. To make it really cozy there, there are many ways to design and beautify your balcony. Outdoor rugs are fully in vogue, which bring the coziness that you otherwise only know from the living room, outside. But what exactly are outdoor carpets? For which surface is an outdoor carpet balcony suitable and what material are they made of?

An outdoor rug is particularly resistant to weathering. It is specially designed for outdoor use and is made of synthetic plastic fibers. For the sake of practicality, outdoor rugs are produced from robust materials such as polypropylene or polyester to withstand heat and moisture particularly well. The synthetic plastic fibers have been specially designed for outdoor use and are inherently easy to clean and insensitive to moisture.

You can place a balcony rug or patio rug on basically any floor. Cold-looking stone or tile floors, which tend to become unpleasantly charged at high temperatures become a comfortable feel-good zone with an outdoor rug. Unattractive stains or discolorations in wooden floors can also be ideally concealed in this way.

Advantages of outdoor rugs

As beautiful as it is outside, there are plenty of (dirty) dangers lurking in good weather. During a lively barbecue with friends, one or the other greasy sausage quickly falls to the ground. Especially annoying on a terrace made of expensive wood, because grease stains are stubborn. Our outdoor rugs protect the flooring and keep dirt away from it, thus helping you to have a relaxing summer.

Apart from protecting the flooring, outdoor rugs also hide it. Especially in rental apartments, balconies can look a bit neglected and the floor doesn't exactly impress with a nice appearance. Installing a new floor can quickly become expensive. The solution? A stylish short pile rug for outside! Thanks to our reasonable outdoor rugs, the new look won't even cost you a fraction of what a new floor covering would cost. So you can quickly and inexpensively create your little wellness oasis.

You can also use the rugs to visually separate areas. On a large terrace, lounge chairs, deck chairs or hanging chairs can quickly look lost. With a suitable rug you create different areas, you can, for example, visually separate the dining area and the "chill out area".