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Welcome to our online store! Here you will find a wide range of rugs and carpets for your home. We also offer chic outdoor rugs for balcony or terrace. Whether you are looking for a small rug or a large living room rug - we present you attractive and high-quality models. To make shopping more fun, we attach great importance to fair pricing. Beautiful and high quality rugs do not have to be expensive. With the diverse designs and numerous colors, there is something for every style of living. When you have found the rug of your choice, you can easily order it online in our store.

High Quality Materials for your Rug

The Materials for rugs are as diverse as the colors and designs. Modern synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester have proven their worth because of their durability. They are used to produce cozy or durable flat rugs. They are available in numerous color combinations. The material is very suitable for models with large-scale motifs. Viscose is a hybrid of artificial and natural fiber. It has a silky shimmer and is hard-wearing. With these rugs, you will find numerous visually appealing designs in various sizes and shapes for your living spaces. When it comes to natural materials, wool is in first place. A professionally made wool rug is very durable. The fibers can be easily dyed and provide excellent protection from cold floors and drafts. Occasionally, wool is blended with easy-care cotton. Pure cotton is suitable for flat-woven kitchen or hallway rugs. Natural fur can be used to make very soft and cozy small rugs.

Of course, not every material that is used for indoor rugs is suitable for outdoor rugs. It must be able to cope with sunlight just as well as with prolonged periods of rain or cold temperatures. Durable synthetic fibers such as polypropylene have proven their worth in outdoor applications. In combination with a special weaving technique, the modern fibers are used to create dimensionally stable and weather-resistant rugs. Regardless of the material, all our rugs are certified and tested for harmful substances.

Rug Care Instructions

To enjoy your new rugs for a long time, regular care is recommended. This is also a question of hygiene. Kids like to play on the floor and should find a play environment that is as clean as possible. Vacuuming primarily removes dry, loose and superficial dirt such as hair, lint, dust grains or crumbs. If you have larger pets, regular vacuuming is recommended to get hair under control. For short pile rugs, vacuum cleaners or vacuum robots are suitable. Robots often have difficulty with a higher pile. You should schedule a thorough carpet cleaning with a commercial foam cleaner in frequently used rooms at regular intervals. For stains or heavier soiling, speed is essential. As long as the stain is fresh, you have a better chance of removing it. Red wine, ink, glue or milk are among the critical stains. It is best to dab them off immediately with an absorbent cloth and then treat the spot with a cleaning agent or stain remover. For sturdy rugs, both commercial cleaners and home remedies such as baking soda, shaving cream or lemon juice are suitable. For delicate materials, you can only use gentle cleaning substances. Avoid vigorous rubbing, as this will push the dirt deeper into the rug fibers. For the basic cleaning of larger rugs, in the case of difficult soiling or sensitive materials, it is advisable to seek expert help from a cleaning professional.